Phantom of a fertile land


This short film introduces us with the intolerable pain of the farmers. Government, industries and land investors are acquiring farmer’s fertile land in the name of development and investments. They are pushing the farmers’ life and occupation to the end! And if we note carefully, we will see deep darkness behind the bright shining journey of so called development, in which the farmer may get the cost of his land but he loses his identity, Parental property, heritage and the hereditary occupation.


Director                                   : Tushar Waghela

Producer                                  : Tushar Waghela Productions

Cast                                         : Radhe Nishad

Music                                      : Uttam Tiwari

Sound, Editing                        : Tushar Waghela

Duration                                  : 8 Min.

File Format                             : DV

Year                                        : 2009



  1. Budapest Short film festival 2012, Hungry .CologneoFF VIII

  2. A Virtual Memorial 2012, Phnom Penh, Cambodia Cologne Off  VIII 2012 video art festival

  3. 2nd Guwahati international film festival 2012 India

  4. Art Chennai , 2012  , India

  5. Muktibodh film Festival , Bhilai , India

  6. Coromondel Art gallery , Pondicherry , India 2010

  7. Images de l'Inde Centre Pompidou, Paris 2011