Prisoners of moon

A separation between lovers. One is a painter who wants to be a monk. The other is in deep shock, unable to fathom the reason for his decision. The story is love. Love, that never dies.

Film Credit and Cast  Details –

Name of the film (Hindi)  चन्द्रमा के बंधक

Name of the film ( English )– Prisoners of moon

Duration – 14:00 min.

Direction, Editing  and Sound  – Tushar Waghela

Story  and Script – Priyanka Waghela & Tushar Waghela

Cast – Maan Singh , Shubhagnil Singh , Manindar Singh

Music – (Chhattisgarhi Folk Music Bulbul Tarang) – Sagardas Manikpuri, Subhash Kailashdas  , Gautam Raj and friends

Paintings and Drawings used in film by Tushar Waghela

Film language - Hindi

Subtitle – English

Subtitles by Ashutosh Bharadwaj

Shooting Location – Chhattisgarh, India

Shooting Format – HD 1920 x 1080 , 16:9 , Colour

Sound – Stereo

Special Thanks –  Anand Pandey Devendra Parate, Shishupal Singh ,

Hitesh Sawai,  Mithilesh , Micky Chhabara , Akhilesh Rathor,

Sampann Chaturvedi , Amit Tiwari , Mr & Mrs Buxy

Screenings -

  1. Cannes Short film corner 2013 ( Cannes film festival 2013)
  2. British Film Institute (FUTURE FILMS RAW SHORTS)2014
  3. London Asian Film Festival 2014