The world we live in is full of incredible truths and myths. The themes and narratives of my creations come from the facts and philosophies of life. They have a relation with the spirits of Indian heritage, art, culture and socio-political issues . It is an anecdotic series each one epitomizing its own tale. All the compositions have an indeterminate and anonymous destination to conquer, every tale touches its goal but ends up with a question mark for you to ponder over the image it has placed before you. The contents are not stationary; not at rest, instead are suspended in a state of reallocation; trying to speak out something, prompting you to peep inside the windows kept deliberately open. It is an invitation to participate in the ongoing triumph and be a part of the happenings inside.

Truth is a mobile army of metaphors, metonyms and anthropomorphisms –-- a sum of human relations, which have been enhanced, transposed & embellished poetically & rhetorically, and which after long use seem firm, canonical & obligatory to us.

       I present an art which has bred inside me for long but just given been birth to.

Tushar Waghela

Visual artist and filmmaker

Born : 1975, Durg (Chhattisgarh) India

Education : 2001 Master of Arts


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About Tushar Waghela

When you first gaze at Tushar Waghela’s artworks, you can’t help being intrigued and perplexed at the same time; one side of his studio is full of bright coloured canvases with flat brush strokes, tribal motifs and revenue stamps and on the other side you have Xray artworks. As a curious soul I started progressing my interaction with Tushar and I realised that although every piece of art is complete in itself and concludes a story within yet all his works are an extension of each other. It’s a journey which he has lived for last decade ripping off the layers of truth under the burden of “Development” of his humble village Bastar (Part of Chattisgarh). A farmer sitting on a broken rupee, a family’s world being carried on a rickshaw, a despair farmer standing next to a “Proposed site” board giving a final adieu to the farmland which was once his most prized possession now being converted into a concrete structure oozing out ounces of black cloud. A former master of his life and livelihood is suddenly a slave left to the mercy of a few desperate businessman. The “Revenue Stamp Paper” in the background reminds us of an age-old tale of Faust selling his soul to the Devil for diabolical favours, the outcome in the end is wrath. The artist here silently mocks the term “Growth and Development” and also puts forth a question – Are we all relevant? “THE SOUL” juxtaposes works from his two series, “Land Sold” and” Binary: The Schizophrenia of Existence” also known as The X-Ray series of which the XRAY series is being exhibited for the first time for public viewing. The XRAY series is the deskinned version of the Land Sold series, layering off the truth that we see with our naked eyes. In the end it is for us to choose between the truth and the myth. However intense the characters and the message of Tushar’s artworks is, what also cannot be missed the culture of Bastar and the emotions that every character wear on its sleeve with an innocent satire and mockery.

Filmography/Video Arts/ Experimental Films

2020 The Grey, Hindi Fiction 90 Min. Feature film

2020 A painter’s scrapbook of color grading, Experimental, Hindi/English 3:00 Min.

2020 Sutak, Experimental , 2:24Min.

2017 Fight of Bulls, 4:20 Min. Animation

2017 See You In The Future 1 Min. Fiction

2016 Lament of Sammy’s forest, 7 Min. Experimental

2016 Eternal love in the Phantom ages , 2 Min.

2014 The Home, 5:45 min

2013 Prisoners of moon , Short film /Fiction , 14 Min

2012 Dandakaranya- The Jungle of punishment, Video art   2:26 Min.

2012 The Ghost Taxonomy  – Video art, 5 min.

2012 Shadow of thoughts – Short film /Fiction , 29 Min.

2011 Sneh Sampada – Documentary / 44 Min.

2009 Phantom of a fertile land – Experimental  8min. Short film



Screenings / Exhibitions / Shows


Solo Shows

2020 – Project Cafe Ahmedabad, India  Postponed due to Pandemic

2008 Gallery Archana, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2005 Galerie Cupillard, Grenoble, France 

2002 Jehangir Art Gallery , Mumbai

1999 Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai

Makaushal Art Gallery, Raipur



Shows and Film Screenings




  1. ArtLoot, Charity Art Show by Khushi Foundation New Delhi, India
  2. The Wrong Biennale – Diaphragm Mixing culture
  3. 'Chitram', State Gallery of Art. Hyderabad, India
  4. “Locus of Control", House of creativity, Mumbai, India


  1. Shrishti Art gallery, Hyderabad, India
  2. ArtLoot, Charity Art Show by Khushi Foundation New Delhi, India
  3. 'The Amalgamations' Art Show by Khushi Foundation New Delhi, India
  4. Transborda III, Multimedia Gallery, Alcobaca , Portugal
  5. VAICA festival , Mumbai , India



Air Gallery, Manchester, United Kingdom

Bologna in Lettere 2020 - Il Festival online ( Collective work ) 

Chant for a Pandemic( Collective work ) ,Undercurrent Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

(Collective work )  GROUNDED FILM FESTIVAL, London, United Kingdom

New Media Fest 2020

( Collective work ) Firehouse Cultural Center in Ruskin, Florida, USA

( Collective work ) South Bend Museum of Art - Making A Way

( Collective work ) Long Distance Film Festival

( Collective work ) CÁPSULA

Connect 2020, University of Tampa, Florida, USA

Festival Transterritorial de Cine Underground, Buenos aires, Argentina




Espacio Enter, Tererife Space of Arts, Spain

Firehouse Cultural Center, Florida, USA

Galeria FOCO/ Ethi Collective, Lisbon, Portugal

Union Gallery, Edinburgh , Scotland

Proyector 2019 , Madrid , Spain

New Mills Festival, England

CONNECT, Reeves Theatre, The University of Tampa, Florida, USA

Festival International de Cine del Amazonas ‘FICAMAZONIA’

The Wrong / New digital Art Biennale, Foggia, Italy

Addis Video Art Festival, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia





21st International Film Festival ZOOM Jelenia Gora, Poland

Centre for Contemporary Arts, GLASGOW – UK

BIOBIOCINE International Film Festival, Concepción, Chile


AniFestROZAFA, SHKODRA, Albania.  

Cannes Film Festival,( Short film Corner ) France

KINE International Short Films Exhibition, Puebla, México

MISTER VORKY, 5th International Festival Ruma, Serbia  


İzmir Architectural Center, Turky

Cartón International Animation Short Film Festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Bronx World Film Cycle, BRONX, NewYork,USA

My History Museum, Yakutsk, Russia


Mulhouse Art Contemporary,  MOTOCO, France

Uşak International Winged Seahorse Short Film Festival, Turkey


Guayaquil International Film Festival, Ecuador 2017

Intermediaciones - videoartey video experimental, Colombia 2017

Maipu Shorts / Comedy Film Festival , Buenos Aires, Argentina 2017

Anima-São - Festival Internacional de Animação da cidade de São Gonçalo, Brazil 2017

Île Courts-International short film festival, Mauritius 2017

Internacional CINESPACIO, Colombia 2017

IX International Short Film Festival of Social Thematic 2017 , Spain

International Festival of Creativity, Innovation & Digital Culture,ESPACIO ENTER 2017

The OU Gallery Canada 2017

XII Sardinia Film Festival 2017, Italy

FICICA, Int. Short Film Festival Cine a la Calle. Barranquilla ,Colombia.2017

8th Salón Internacional de la Luz, Bogotá, Colombia.2017

Espacio Enter Festival, Canarias, The Tenerife Space of Arts, SPAIN 2017

International video art Festival, Camagüey, 2017


12MFF International Film Festival 2017, Romania

3rd International Video art and Video dance Festival Mexico,2017

Ultra Cinema , mexico 2017

International Environmental Film Festival (FICMA)2017

Festival CINE ANIMAL Bogotá Bogotá“s ANIMAL CINEMA Fest 2017

Magmart Festival,  Scugnizzo Liberato, Naples 2017

Videoart.Ist , Izmir, Turkey 2017

Strangloscope festival, Florianopolis, Brazil 2017

International Video Art Festival «Now&After» 2017

Osmosis Audiovisual Media festival, Taipei, Taiwan 2017

3rd International Video art and Video dance Festival Mexico,2017

African Smartphone International Film Festival 2017

Festival Enmut, Barcelona, Spain 2017


VI International Festival of Screen and Media Arts, Siberia

Khajuraho International film festival , India 2016

Filmingo Short Film Festival, Mumbai, India

Tahoe Underground Film Festival, United States

Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan

Hors Pistes(Off Tracks)Tokyo, Japan 2016   organized by the Centre Pompidou, France

Festival International de Cine and Architecture Cinetekton!2016, Mexico

Night of Museums  Galeria BWA Jelenia Góra, Poland

RIFF 2016, India

 [.BOX] Videoart project space, Milan, Italy

v4 Experiment in cinema , New Mexico, USA

Japan Media Art Festival, 2016, Japan

19th International Film Festival Zoom – Zblizenia , Polend

MIFF 2016 Mumbai International Film Festival , India

Velcom Smartfilm film festival, Belarus 2016

Ghasidas Museum , Raipur, India 2016

Ghasidas Museum , Raipur, India 2016

Jaipur art summit, 2016 India

Ravindra Bhavan, Jaipur, India

CARDINAL POINTS,Gallery Space Segur, Art Mosaic Gallery, Paris, France

FusionV, Space Segur, Art Mosaic Gallery, Paris, France


III Festival Internacional de cine de la Naturaleza y el Hombre de la   Laguna, Spain 2015

Pulostav , Pune 2015

The Third Eye Mumbai Asian Film festival 2015


Festival of Creativity, ESPACIO ENTER CANARIAS,Spain

Mutoscopio Festival de videoarte, Puebla, México

FIVA 05 International Festival of Video Art Argentina 2015

The Arlington Film Festival 2015, USA

Collectif Jeune Cinema - 17th Paris Festival for Different Cinema, France  2015

Australian Video art Festival 2015, Australia

Museum of Moscow, Project - Moscow art community 2015

Sax International Film Festival, Spain 2015

The Quarantine film festival, Bulgaria 2015

Cannes film Festival ( Short film Corner 2015)

International Video Art Festival«Now&After» Moscow 2015

TENRI - Japanese Cultural Centre Cologne, Germany 2015

FILMIDEO,Index Art Center ', New Jersey 2015

Urban Trail, Space Segur, Art Mosaic Gallery, Paris, France

India Habitat Centre , New Delhi


Cannes Short film corner 2014 ( Cannes film festival 2014)

British Film Institute (FUTURE FILMS RAW SHORTS)2014

London Asian Film Festival 2014

Govt.V.Y.T.PG. Autonomous College, Durg, India

Art And Dynamic Process, Nitanjali Art Gallery, New Delhi, India


Cannes Short film corner 2013 ( Cannes film festival 2013)

Festival Miden, Greece,  2013

Channels Festival : the Australian video art festival 2013

5th International video art Festival, Camagüey, 2013

2nd Motion International Festival Cyprus , 2013

9th Berlin International Directors Lounge, 2013




Cannes Short film corner 2012 ( Cannes film festival 2012 )


Budapest Short film festival 2012, Hungry . section :The Best of CologneoFF VIII - Continental Drift

A Virtual Memorial 2012, Phnom Penh,  Cambodia Cologne Off  VIII 2012 video art festival

2nd Guwahati international film festival 2012 India

Art Chennai , 2012  , India

Jaipur International Film Festival,Jaipur, India2012

Art Mosaic Gallery, Paris, France



Ability Fest, Chennai, India 2011

Forum Images de l'Inde Centre Pompidou, Paris 2011

Gallerie Angel Arts , Mumbai, India

Looking Back to Look forward, Nitanjali Art Gallery , New Delhi



Who Has seen Gandhi ? Tangerine Art Gallery , Banglore, India

Harvest , Arushi Art Gallery, New Delhi, India 

Emami Cheasel art gallery Kolkata, India

3Emerging Artist, Coromondel Art gallery , Pondicherry , India


Far and Wide , Chawala Art Gallery , New Delhi

The Opening Show ,Coromondel Art gallery , Pondicherry

Paris Town Hall / Hotel De Ville De ,  Paris , France

Cymroza Art Gallery , Mumbai , India

Variations The Epicentre, Gurgaon , India


Intensity in Diversity , Travencore art Gallery, New Delhi, India

Rhapsody , The Epicentre, Gurgaon, India

Art Singapore 2008 , ( Arushi Art Gallery, Mumbai ) , India

Gen Next III, Akriti Art Gallery , Kolkata, India

Harvest 2008, Arushi Art gallery , New Delhi , India

Indian Escapades, Sunjin Galleries, Singapore

Mystique India habitat centre , New Delhi, India

Larasati Auctioneer:Pictures of Asia fine art auction“Modern & Contemporary art” Singapore

Fusion , Travancore Gallery , New Delhi , India

Indian Kaleidoscope, Ki Gallery (Gallery Archana), Kuala Lumpur  , Malaysia

Aspirations, The Epicentre, Gurgaon, India

Rainbow in the Sun , Lalit Kala Academy , New Delhi, India

Major shows Till 2006

2006 Shrishti Art gallery , Hyderabad, India

2005  Nehru Art Gallery , Bhilai, India

2003 Town Hall, Raipur , India


2002 Organized by ' Reflection Of Another Day' Pegsas Art Gallery , Hyderabad 

2002 Find Your Home  Organized by Aorta Cultural Association, Germany

2002 Kala Academy , Panaji, Goa, India

2001 Sadhana - Shanti (India Festival, Germany ), Stiff Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum, Duisburg 

2001 'Artist from Chhattisgarh',Raipur, Organized by Fine Art Society

2000 Mahakaushal Art Gallery Raipur. , India

1999 Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Mumbai

1999 Artist from M.P at Moksh Art Gallery, Mumbai

1999 Mahakaushal Art Gallery, Raipur

1998 Mahakaushal Art Gallery, Raipur.

1997Mahakaushal Art Gallery, Raipur.



1997 Raza Award Exhibition  Bhopal

1998 All India Art Exhibition Mahakausal Kala Parisad

1999 South Central Zone Art Exhibition, Nagpur

2000 South Central Zone Art Exhibition, Nagpur

2001 'Madhya Pradesh Kala Prdarshani' Devlalikar Kala Vithika,Indore, '

2001 State workshop ,Department of Culture , Chhattisgarh.