See you in The Future

What is Time, Is this present moment or Past or future? This present moment is not a part of Time; our Future exists only in imagination and past in memories.

In this present moment I’m planning and thinking of my future, all the time I have been doing this, I live only in the Future.

Direction – Tushar Waghela

Cast – Tushar Waghela, Tarush Waghela

Director of Cinematography  – Tarush Waghela

Editing , Sound , Special Effects – Tushar Waghela

Durations – 00:59 Sec., Date 13/06/2017

HD, 1920x1080, 16:9 , Stereo Sound, Language – English

Screenings -

  1. International Festival of Creativity, Innovation & Digital Culture,ESPACIO ENTER 2017
  2. The OU Gallery Canada 2017
  3. MISTER VORKY, 5th International Festival Ruma, Serbia