Shadow of thoughts

In search of a narrative, a writer locates his character in his painter friend. It's not, however, clear to him whether the painter is a real entity or just his mirror image, an alter ego, the narrative has invented to confront his beliefs and being.  


Duration – 30 min.

Direction, Editing and Sound  – Tushar Waghela

Story , Script and Poetry – Priyanka Waghela, Tushar Waghela

Cast – Maan Singh , Shubhagnil Singh , Manindar Singh

Music – (Chhattisgarhi Folk Music Bulbul Tarang) – Sagardas Manikpuri, Subhash Kailashdas  , Gautam Raj and friends

Film language - Hindi

Subtitle – English by Ashutosh Bharadwaj

Paintings and Drawings used in film by Tushar Waghela

Screening –

  1.  Jaipur art summit, 2016 India
  2. Cannes Short film corner 2012 ( Cannes film festival 2012 )