Without Ticket

These works of art were made after the fatal COVID-19 outbreak.

I categorized it as

"Desi Pop Art"

Sculptures, Paintings, and Woolen artworks

2021 - 2023



About this series of artworks

The earth I find myself in, as an uprooted and alienated human, is pervaded by terror and treachery. Its axis has crumbled and it rotates randomly in boundless space. Norms have lost sanctity, violation and violence are the now accepted forms of civilized behaviour. Its a journey towards a universe that defies both morality and immorality. Of deracinated people without a past or a future. People who stare at a seemingly ephemeral but endless present.

During the pandemic, covid19, I have closely observed the dark side of things, the wandering deaths, the political rhetoric and now as an attempt to overcome this, I want to create the art which gives joys, love, childlike innocence with all the vibrant colours of life and love.

May the force be with you :)

We The People


Handwoven and Tufted wool Desi Pop Art


Cutouts - Spray, Acrylic, Pen, and Ink on HandCut MDF Board


Spray, Acrylic, Pen, Ink on Canvas